Worship at Home

The global pandemic of COVID-19 has profoundly disrupted our customary rhythms and habits of life. At a time when we need the spiritual nourishment of being connected with others and uplifted by God, we are isolated in our homes and deprived of the embodied friendship and sacramental worship of the church. And yet, as hermits and solitaries throughout the centuries have known, God is never distant and the church is not a building. There are rich resources in our tradition for making our private homes a site of religious practice. We will be actively curating and updating this page throughout the public health emergency to provide you with examples, ideas, information, and encouragement for your home church. 

Activities for the Home Church - Links provided by Norcal Diocese

Setting up Sacred Space:

Setting up Sacred Space Videos: Courtesy of The Rev. Amy Denny Zuniga:

Sacred Space Part 1

Sacred Space Part 2

Sacred Space Part 3

Making an Altar for Home: Courtesy of Rows of Sharon