The public reading of the Holy Scriptures has been a central feature of Christian worship since the earliest days, and has its origin in the synagogue worship of Israel.  Typically there are four bible readings at each service, two from the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament), one of which is a Psalm, and two from the New Testament, one of which is from the Gospels and is read by a Deacon or Priest.  Lectors (the word simply means “readers”) are members of the congregation who read the appointed Bible passages.  Depending on whether the Psalm of the day is chanted or spoken, they may also lead the congregational recitation of the Psalm. 


Serving as a Lector is a way to deepen one’s experience of worship, and in particular, one’s appreciation of the wisdom, poetry, and power of the Holy Scriptures. 


To request training as a Lector, or to be added to the Lector schedule, contact Marian Nelson.



  February 2020  
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