The Vestry is the governing “board of directors” of St. John’s Petaluma.  The term of office is three years, and one-third of the Vestry members are elected each year at the Annual Parish Meeting to serve as “agents and legal representatives of the Parish in all matters concerning its corporate property and the relations of the parish to its clergy” as described in Cannon 14 of the Episcopal Church. 

The Diocesan Constitution and Parish by-laws suggest that one be “a communicant whose name shall be duly enrolled in the Register of the Parish, is sixteen years of age or older, is regular in his/her attendance at services, and is a steward of his/her time, talent and treasure for its support.”  

2020 Vestry Members

Senior Warden,
Jonathan Hiller

Junior Warden,
Betty Petrillo

Jeanne Nelson

Sarah Hudspeth

Carole Hyman

Gail Reid

Rebecca Smith

Gayle Stewart

Cary White


Jacqueline C. Woytych